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3 Wishes Retreat – went down as a “hit” I think!!! :)

I’m just back from the inaugural 3 Wishes Retreat. What an amazing weekend – sharing our weekend with wonderful women ready to take on the challenge to empower, enrich & energise their life.

We started with setting our goals, faced our self imposed ‘limitations’…..& learnt various techniques to overcome these, in a safe & most importantly FUN environment! De-stress techniques were shared, nutritional importance highlighted & yoga strengthened our body & more importantly – our minds. The food was delicious, the scenery sublime & the company inspiring. I wish to thank all the lovely participants, Mary River Wilderness Retreat & my two counterparts (Dee Waterson & Rebel Tucker) for providing all the elements for a wonderful 3 Wishes Retreat. 

For those who wanted to attend but for some reason or another were unable to….we are planning to have our next 3 Wishes Retreat early May – so start planning now!!            Hope to see you there soon.

Stay tuned to this channel…..dates will be here soon!!!  😀

Join us on our next retreat!!!

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