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Always learning & updating my knowledge…..

Well……I’m off to Sydney for a 4 day intensive workshop on Fertility Issues. I’m not too sure there will be much time to see any sites though, just enough time to have a meal or two with family & friends. It’s going to be very busy & “full-on”, but I am excited to be able to keep up to date with the latest studies & natural treatments to help my clients.

I am regularly updating my knowledge in all areas of health either with webinars (online seminars), seminars right here in Darwin & sharing ideas with other practitioners – all to improve my knowledge to best assist my clients.

Since I will be flat out – I’m not sure when I will check my email, but feel free to leave a voice message on my phone if you need to contact me. I will endeavour to return it ASAP.

I look forward to seeing & helping you towards                                                                         Everlasting Health….the natural choice for you & your family.

Always learning….

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