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It’s the “Wet” season….who drinks tea??….ME!! ;)

If you don’t know by now that I blend beautiful teas with certified organic herbs….then you must have been hiding under I rock for the last 5 years???!!


Or…if you did….Did you know they are great iced too??!!

My tip here is to brew them with just enough hot water to cover the leaves….ideally brew 5-10mins depending on how strong you like your tea. Once brewed, top up with iced cold water & keep in the fridge…or add a few ice cubes.

Enjoy on these steamy days to add variety to your water…& did you know that herbal tea counts as ‘water’ when counting how many glasses you have each day???….bonus!!

Any blend can be made chilled….though my personal favourites are “Tummy Tea”, “Protect-Me”, “Wellness”, “Metabo-Tea”, “Clari-Tea” & “Magic Mallo-Mint” – so refreshing. 

I now have over a dozen organic herbal teas available to the public…with a couple more ‘brewing’ in the background at present. If you’d like to check out the range & purchase direct from me online…click here.

But these gorgeous herbal teas are also currently available in a few stores around Darwin (please, support local)…which one is your closest stockist???

  • MK Eco Starwin in Darwin city & online for Top End gifts, who first took me under their wing a few years ago.
  • Bits 4 Bub who have my complete pregnancy range at their Coolalinga store.
  • Saltwater Float Spa in Berry Springs has been stocking my herbal teas for you to enjoy after your float, plus you can also grab some to take home.
  • Mad About Coffee (yep….I got ‘tea’ in their store?) is one of my latest stockist…beautiful range of ‘keep cups’ too.
  • Avalon InLa’Kesh now has a full range of my gorgeous organic herbal teas…ready when you choose your next crystals or beautiful jewellery.
  • The Hideout Cafe in Yarrawonga are a stockist for my herbal teas too….enjoy with a GF slice or Bliss Ball.

So…how do you enjoy your Organic Herbal Tea….hot or cold????

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