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Kids Back to School Health.

With the kids going back to school & childcare it can mean they’re out of your hair for a bit….but it also means they’re going to be exposed to more bacteria & viruses – especially from those who’ve been ‘down south’ for the holidays. Now is the time to boost their immune system & to set them up for a healthy year.

Unsplash pic by Karly Gomez

A good immune system starts in the gut….yes “you ARE what you eat”!! So we need to be conscious what we are feeding our families, ensuring everyone is getting enough nutrients from their food. Our taste buds constantly change, so if kids don’t like something once…or even twice – try it again later…..& don’t think they won’t like something just because you don’t like it?! Let them explore the different tastes & textures of foods. Make food fun & start your kids out on the right foot….& you both will reap the rewards!

  • Start their day with a good, quick breakfast – try a banana, L.S.A, chia seed, almond milk & cinnamon smoothie; or scrambled/boiled eggs on wholegrain/rye toast; or home-made berry & nut muesli.
  • Provide some protein with every meal….so avocado, cheese, seeds, meats, yoghurt & even hummus are good choices to avoid nuts & eggs at school.
  • Ensure you offer a wide variety of fruits & veggies – try sultanas, apples, grapes, kiwi fruit, watermelon;  & carrot, capsicum, cucumber & celery sticks.
  • If you want to give them a ‘mini treat’, try a healthy snack like my Nut Free Muffins – the kids can make them!!
  • Ensure you provide a BPA-free water bottle for your kids, dehydration will lead to poor concentration in the classroom. Freeze it to keep their lunches cool.
  • Chat at the dinner table about their day; how they feel in their new class; have they made any new friends etc. Problems at school may be picked up earlier if you know how they’re feeling.
  • Have a bedtime set now & get them into a routine to ensure they get enough sleep for their growing bodies.

Reduce the amount of processed foods in your house – if it’s not there it can’t tempt you or the kids….Teach the kids to cook on the weekend – pick up a simple kids cookbook & have some good old fashion ‘messy fun’ in the kitchen!!

I loved having fun in the kitchen with my nieces & nephew this festive season!!

You really do have ‘our’ future in your hands……. 🙂

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