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Need some Help with Sleep???

Occasionally we all suffer from sleep disturbances….it depends on how often it occurs, & how it impacts on your health & life.

I have many clients coming to me with this issue, & I always offer some simple ‘sleep hygiene’ tips at first & then depending on how bad it is – I offer herbal support where needed. Below are some easy tips for you to try yourself:

  • Try a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on your pillow slip to relax your mind.
  • Write a list of your worries before going to bed, leave them to be addressed in the daytime.
  • If you can’t sleep after 20-25mins….get up!
  • Do something quiet & distracting out of bed e.g. play cards, read, do a jigsaw, have a warm Epsom salt bath, do a crossword if constant, active mind.
  • Go back to bed when you feel relaxed & sleepy.

Remember these general tips to aid sleep:

  • Use bed for sleep & sex only. No TV, reading or computer use.
  • Make sure the bedroom is a cool, dark environment to aid you to fall asleep easily.
  • Have a similar bed time & wake up time

–          Wake 7-7:30am, go outside into the sun to ‘wake up’ the body

–          Avoid going to bed too early (not before 10pm, though depends on work hours)

  • Don’t go to bed hungry or with a full bladder (have a handful of nuts, small amount of yoghurt- high in magnesium & calcium to promote sleep)
  • Try a cup of relaxation/sleepytime herbal tea ~2hrs before bed.
  • Wind down – stop studying or working ~30mins before bed.
  • Only have naps before 6pm, & only have 20min power naps – as longer can alter sleep patterns.
  • Do regular exercise

–          Avoid vigorous exercise late in evening

–          Tai Chi or Yoga 3-4xs week will aid sleep & relaxation

  • Avoid drinking greater than 2 glasses of alcohol at night, as it can actually hinder a restful sleep.

Lack of sleep can hinder other health problems….if these self help tips haven’t worked for you – please book an appointment with me, as there may be other reasons you may be having sleep problems.

Hope you’re getting enough sleep…..if not – make a booking today!
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