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Period Pain….Heavy Flow….Bad PMS?!!

Are you suffering with monthly period pain??? 

Or maybe you suffer with really heavy periods – these are not ‘normal’ & you don’t have to suffer in silence.

You may experience heaviness in your womb & even legs; pelvic discomfort; lower back pain & may even be doubled over in bed every month. You may have been even diagnosed with Endometriosis – working together we can get you feeling NORMAL again.Period pain can be improved by eating well, regular exercise…& stress reduction.
But did you know you can also follow the ‘seed rotation diet’ to help balance hormones???Simple steps to follow:

  • Day 1-15 enjoy flaxseed/linseed & pumpkin seeds, just 2Tblsp day, ideally ground or slightly crushed – think smoothies, Bliss Balls, muesli.
Now we need more oestrogen to build up our endometrium lining during the follicle stimulating phase of menstrual cycle (first half of cycle)…& now you may ask why add phyto-oestrogens (plant oestrogens) to our diet if we may be ‘oestrogen dominant’??? It’s important to know that not all oestrogens are ‘bad’…the seeds actually help to suppress oestradiol (E2 – elevated levels may be linked to increased risk of breast cancer) from forming, whilst aiding its metabolism by boosting the protective 2OH-estrone metabolite & compared to the more harmful 16OH-estrone metabolite. I know…all these ‘oestrogens’ can be a little complicated?! We need them all..but in balance.
  • Day 15-30 try sesame & sunflower seeds, just add 2 Tblsp day – think tahini (add to hummus/smoothie/dressings), seed & nut bars, salad toppers. 
Now for the 2nd half of our cycle we need to boost progesterone levels to help thicken the uterus lining & get the body ready for possible embryo implantation. Even if you’re not trying to conceive…boosting progesterone can decrease breast tenderness, decrease PMS symptoms, regulate your menstrual cycle (great for peri-menopausal women too), & even supports melatonin production to aid sleep.
You can add the seeds to your salads, ground them into dips, hummus, add to stir-fries, make seed crackers…& you can find nut/seed bar recipes here. 

Click below for some Healthy Hormone Balancing Tips….for any age!

8 Hormone Influencers to HELP YOU!!

As always, if you need some extra support I can help with balancing out your hormones (there may be increased oestrogens, or low prostagladins present), & to reduce the pain & inflammation – drop me a line & make a booking to get you feeling a “new happier & healthier normal”!
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