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Spring time is here…make the most of it!!!

Spring is upon us….time for a ‘Spring Clean’…in & around the home…& also your body!

As the Wet approaches….it’s time to grab hold of that last bit of coolish weather & clear out the old. Time to go through your wardrobe & pass on to charity clothes that you no longer wear or don’t fit properly. Someone else may as well benefit I say.

Air out your home….properly! Clean those fans, air conditioners & blinds/curtains. Change a few things around in your rooms to prompt a change of energy flow. Grab a book or two on Feng Shui & see what works for your home. You may need to add a few things into the mix to make it flow….but watch the changes unfold.

Simple things can be done to “lift” the energy & feel within your home— a new picture on the wall or a splash of colour somewhere. And it doesn’t just have to be paint on the walls—flowers, new lamp shades, or throw cushions could make all the difference. Shift the energy in your life.

Now for “your” spring clean…..maybe it’s time for a detox. After the dry season parties & before the Wet is here…..maybe you can kick start your metabolism & re-energise your body with herbs & a little modified eating plan.

Supporting your body with herbs & nutrients during this time aids the detox, & causes minimal distress that may happen with more severe detoxification programs. You won’t want to go back to those “bad” eating habits.

Call me TODAY to BOUNCE into Spring with…..Everlasting Health!!

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