Everlasting Health

Still a Great Little Book…

Well…mental health has been in the news quite a bit recently – bringing our awareness to how many people live their lives daily. I too have had those close to me go through their own journeys recently…& remembering I can’t go through their journey myself is a big learning curve.

I just want to do what ever I can to make it easier for them…provide advice & nutritional/herbal support to support them during their ‘down times’.  Sometimes all you can do – is be there for them when they need you.

Listen when they need to off-load…

Give them space to try & figure it out…

Encourage them along the way…

Help guide them towards their passions,

& to reconnect with their purpose.

Most of all remind yourself how important that person is to you…how much joy, love & laughter they provide you – then let them know that they are special to you!!!

15yrs on.....& still a good read!!  :)
15yrs on…..& still a good read!! đŸ™‚
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