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Thinking of Starting Your Own Family???

As I naturopath who specialises in women’s health….I do see a lot of women for fertility concerns. Ideally I need to see both partners as it really does take two to tango!

Not only does it involve me sharing the techniques to understand your body better to get the timing right for conception….but also making sure both sperm & ova are in their optimum health. It takes 76 days for sperm to mature….& 3-4mths for ova . Today’s sperm is reflective evidence of health ~11wks ago.

You need than just LOVE...but that's a great start!! :)
You need than just LOVE…but that’s a great start!! 🙂

So if you start a preconception protocol with me today, then both partners need at least 3 months for optimum health & to carry a healthy pregnancy to full term. That’s without any hormonal balancing that may be needed by either partner.

Lifestyle factors & diet are also a consideration which is necessary to bring back the balance. Stress really does play a large part as it can throw out your hormonal balancing. Try meditation, yoga, flower essences, moderate exercise, massage, &’time out’ for you as an individual as well.

Good food choices with healthy fats included….plus plenty of water as hydration is also the key. Extra support is needed for some key nutrients such as zinc, selenium, folate & essential fatty acids – these can be discussed & individualised at an appointment.

Changing lifestyle habits that involve alcohol, cigarettes or recreational drugs really needs to be addressed. Support for this can also be discussed at an appointment.

This may seem overwhelming at first when you are thinking about starting a family…..but these points really can improve your chances in having a happy & healthy pregnancy. Plus your child will benefit long after their time in the womb. Three months really is such a short time when you are looking at creating a new little being which is part of your life forever!


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