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Women’s Awareness & Wellness Afternoon Teal…this link works!!

Apologies if you tried to buy tickets via my previous email…my silly tech error?! The link below & Facebook works just fine..  😉

As you may know already…February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. 

Just recently a lovely Darwin lady lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was sooo full of life & wanted to help educate women about trusting their gut instinct to get health concerns checked & double checked early.
We want to help others be more mindful of their health….mind, body & soul. Tammy, Louise & I would love you to join us for our Women’s Awareness & Wellness Afternoon Teal where mindfulness, health – body, mind & soul….& of course healthy treats & organic herbal tea will be on offer.
There will also be some beautiful products from these wonderful practitioners….with 10% sales going directly to Ovarian Cancer Australia.
Please note that if you purchase a ticket & are unable to attend there are no refunds as all ticket proceeds are donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.
If you are unable to attend, & wish to donate please do so via: 
Thank you  for your support X


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Chantilly Kitchen…stocking my Herbal Teas!!!

Finally I can announce that the very cute & delightful Chantilly Kitchen Tearooms have a range of MY organic herbal tea blends on their menu….plus one I have especially blended just for them Madame Russo!!

I’m sooo excited to have my teas on their menu, plus I will have some stock there for you to purchase soon!!

Check them out on Facebook.

YAY!!!  🙂

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Welcome to 2017….the year of new beginnings!!

Have you realised that 2017 all adds up to 1…..



Have you looked into how/what you’d like to fulfil your life this year???

This year is full of possibilities for me….& YOU!

Take a look at what you LOVE in life & how you can embrace it more…..then put it into ACTION!

Focus & manifest your dreams into reality…..yes, seriously this is possible – I do it often for many situations from filling a void in bookings to deciding on which path to take in business.

This year Dee & I have on offer a 3 Wishes Retreat 24-26th February at tranquil Riyala in Noonamah. A back to basics retreat which embraces nature, healthy food, meditation, pamper treats & most importantly RNR….downtime for YOU! Come along to our FREE Info Session next Wednesday to find out more.

I will also be joining forces with Louise from Healthy Eating Australia to run more Healthy Eating Workshops…..stay tuned for dates in next couple of months!!  😉

Working with Jodie from Vet-2-Pet has been amazing to see your furbabies come back to health. I’ve been using liquid herbs, nutrients & diet to see those tails wagging happily again. I look forward to broadening our exposure to help as many furbabies as we can. Love my pups!!

My Organic Herbal Teas are now available online…..as this is new for me – I’m sure there may be a couple of hiccups but please bear with me….you’ll LOVE your organic herbal teas blended with LOVE!!

I also have new version of online bookings for your appointments…..so you can still find a day & time that suits you best….but it has some added features for me which will make my life a little easier!  😉

I have also been invited to join an amazing team of like minded souls to present to you SPIRITember …September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month – & this will be Australia wide event. The aim is to bring spirituality & holistic health into everyday living. Stay tuned for more info soon….a big thank you to Tammy from Tammy’s Tarot & Healing for inviting me to join her in this adventure.

Embrace ALL that YOU want in 2017!!!

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Need some RNR to Reconnect….

Get back to basics….reconnect to nature….& yourself.  

We’ve planned an amazing 3 Wishes Retreat just down the road at an amazing space – Riyala….leaving you plenty of time to reconnect with nature & also like minded people. 

Please join Dee & myself next Wednesday 1st February at 6-7pm for a FREE info session for a taste of our next 3 Wishes Retreat.

Book Your FREE Info Session Spot Here

Why Choose 3 Wishes Retreat on 24th-26th Feb….

  • Ideal for busy people….home Sunday afternoon.
  • Energise with delicious, healthy foods & drinks to support your body….naturally included.
  • Meditation, Body Balance, Reflection Sessions…..Downtime.
  • Bush-tucker/medicine Session
  • Blissful….enjoy x2 Pamper Treatments.
  • Twin share dorm accomodation.

You can Book Now with $200 Deposit….total payment of $597 due by 15th February 2017

Empower,Enrich, Energise Your Life

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Why Not Book in for Some RNR in 2017?!

Rest & Relaxation….time for YOU in a beautiful tranquil environment, cocooned from external distractions & stress at “Riyala”, Noonamah…..BLISS!

Join us 24-26th February 2017


Why Choose….

  • Ideal for busy people….home Sunday afternoon.
  • Energise with delicious, healthy foods & drinks to support your body….naturally included.
  • Meditation, Body Balance, Interactive Workshops…..Downtime.
  • Blissful….enjoy x2 Pamper Treatments.
  • Learn about local Bush Medicine/Tucker.
  • Twin share dorm accommodation.

Book Now with $200 Deposit….total payment of $597 due by 15th February 2017

Treat YOU this Christmas….or suggest it as YOUR gift to your significant other???

YOU Deserve it!  😉

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We’re planning for a ‘getaway’ with YOU!!!

Dee & I are planning for our next retreat…

“LOVE YOURSELF Weekend Away”!

Looking for somewhere you can disconnect from the ‘world’ for a little while…..only an hour from Darwin???

We have found the perfect place to get back to nature & embrace the positive energy….detox from technology….reconnect with your soul purpose.

Enjoy down-time, reflexology & healthy foods, whilst setting yourself up to achieve a positive 2017!!!

24th-26th February 2017

More details to come soon!!


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What’s New in March???

We have our 3 Wishes Retreat FREE Information Session on next Wednesday night, 30th March 5:30-6:30pm at the Airport Hotel……drop on by to see Dee & myself, & find out more about the exciting new concept we have for this next retreat – see you there!!

I’m off to Katherine the 8th & 9th April….with half of my appointments already booked. So if you know someone who’d love a consult or Reflexology….please let them know I will be there!!

My Certified Organic Herbal Teas are now stocked at Mosko’s Market in Palmerston & De la Plage Cafe at Casuarina Beach….with a couple of other outlets currently trying samples….plus – stay tuned to be able to buy them online!!

Last of all – Happy Easter & enjoy the Easter long weekend with friends & family….don’t eat too many choccie eggs – if you do indulge….make them quality dark chocolate!!!   😉


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FREE Info Night – 30th March…..3 Wishes Retreat!!

Join us on our next retreat!!!

Come along next Wednesday 30th March 5:30-6:30pm at Airport Hotel to find out more….for FREE!!!

Mocktail time

This 3 Wishes Retreat will be like no other….take time out for you to DESTRESS

We have a great new concept we’d like to bring to our next retreat….but to do this we’ve shifted the next 3 Wishes Retreat to the 29 April -1st May.

 You will enjoy 2 nights away at a beautiful mansion in Bayview….

Feel Empowered learning more about yourself & what really makes you tick….then TAKE action on it!

Enrich your life & wellbeing with delicious, healthy food & drinks to support your body….NATURALLY

Be Energised with Exercise/Body Balance & Meditation out in nature….BREATHE

Chill out on the massage table…..BLISS!!

Leave with insights into yourself
& how to implement everyday
rituals to keep you on your


Call Kristy on 0411 378 997 for more information  😉




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Need some “YOU” time…..

3 wishes

‘Save the date’ for our next 3 Wishes Retreat at Mary River Wilderness Retreat

15th-17th April 2016

We are currently fine tuning the details for our next destress & goal achieving retreat.

Stay tuned for a FREE information session coming soon.

Here are some testimonials from our previous retreats:

“With amazing food, yoga &
breakthrough sessions you will
experience a reconnection with
what’s important to you.”

Leave with insights into yourself
& how to implement everyday
rituals to keep you on your

“Great weekend away to relax,
learn something new, learn
about juices, nutrition & things
I’d never thought about before.”

Mocktail time

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Treat Yourself….healthy mind, body & soul.

Reflexology is an amazing modality where you simply have to lie down & let me treat your whole body….whilst just massaging your feet.


I start by soaking your feet in Epsom & Himalayan salts with a beautiful essential oil blend to begin your time out. Then I use  flower essence cream to aid your mind & body to relax just that little bit more…..gently stimulating acupressure points.

Some people drift off to sleep….others simply leave their worries at the door & embrace some “me time” . Whatever works for you…works for me.

I love sharing reflexology….it relaxes my mind too.

Book today at www.everlasting-health.com.au

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