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Fertility & Toxins……

I have quite a few clients who are trying to fall pregnant at the moment…& this is a topic I’ve given them a ‘book’ on. It is also popping up everywhere I turn recently – making me think I need to discuss with is with the wider community. The choice is up to the individual couple, I simply provide you with the information leaving you to decide what you are willing & able to adopt. This is such a delicate time – emotionally, physically & financially. You have such an ability to impact on the growth of a new being….think about how you can best influence that.

In this modern world we live, we are unfortunately exposed to many more different toxins than our parents & grandparents were. Although the use of harsher chemicals has somewhat decreased on our food crops….there is still quite a ‘heavy hand’, & potential of crops being genetically modified – which posses another potential problem. Even the meats we choose to eat may be toxic due to the use of hormones, & the polluted water ways where they are sourced from. Try to eat organic, local foods if possible…& always wash your fruits & veggies before eating. Think before you buy – about everything from what is, the source, & to how it will be disposed of after you’ve used it.

Stress is another big factor in producing excess cortisol in the body, which throws out many of your hormone levels. Oestrogen levels are also increased with stress, & these may pass through the liver without being de-activiated¬† – leading to a increase of oestrogen within the body. This obviously can affect your menstrual cycle & may influence conception. Oestrogen is one hormone which is also influenced by environmental toxins. They can be found in foods, plastics, household chemicals, building materials & pollution – so it can be hard to escape them…..being aware is the first step. Try to increase foods from the brassica family to aid elimination of excess oestrogens – mustard seeds, cabbages, swedes, turnips, kale, broccoli, broccolini, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, radishes, & Asian greens.

Go back to basics & clean your home with bicarb soda & vinegar, or tea tree/eucalyptus essential oils in water as an alternative to ‘spray & wipes’. Try half a cup of borax in your washing load as an alternative to bleach for your clothes. You can also add half a cup of vinegar & few drops of lavender/lemon essential oil to your rinse cycle to make your clothes smell dreamy. Candles are a beautiful way to create ‘mood’ in your home…..though instead of normal paraffin wax, use soy candles which are soot & chemical free.

Grow some plants around your home to help detoxify your living space. Try ivy, peace lilies, gerbera’s, rubber plants, chrysanthemums, dragon tree & Boston fern to lighten your toxin load. They help to remove formaldehyde, benzene & xylene from your furniture, computers & printers, whilst doing a general clean up & humidify the air.

Enjoy some plants to help decrease toxins in your home!!



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