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Another BIG Month?!

Can you believe it’s only four weeks till Christmas??!!

Wow….the year just keeps rolling away.

Over the last month I squeezed in one last October Business Month Mad Hatter’s High Tea in Katherine, which was attended by some lovely local women…whom I hope to cross paths again in the future.

Connie (Naturopathic student) assisted me for the month…gaining knowledge & confidence, plus getting an insight into everyday life as a Naturopath. I thank her & wish her well for her future.

My Certified Organic Herbal Teas are jumping onto…& off the shelves sooo quickly! You can now find them for a cuppa in-store or take home packs at Kings Wholefood Artisan  at CDU Palmerston & Chantilly Kitchen Tearoom in Nightcliff; Bits4Bub store has those specific for mums & bubs, while Harvest Press have a variety ready to go for the those wanting to support everyday health & wellbeing – both at Coolalinga Central. Plus…Cafe Eco in the city have them ready to  go on their shelves for opening day!!

The GK Vitality Ladies Pamper Lunch last weekend was a great opportunity for women to come together with friends….to enjoy a light lunch & glass of wine….whilst experiencing some amazing products on display by some beautiful local business ladies. If you missed out….don’t worry it will be back early next year bigger & better!!

Next week….Friday 1st December, I will be at the Woodroffe Primary Christmas Market from 5:30-8:30pm…..with a special visit from Santa at 7pm!! There will be food trucks, raffles, live music & heaps of Christmas gift ideas….all for a gold coin donation for entry. Love to see you there!!

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Katherine Clinic is Here to Stay!

I really appreciate all the team at Katherine Laser, Chiropractic & Sleep Clinic. Thank you for opening your arms & allowing me to begin holding a regular Naturopathic Clinic in Katherine.

Unfortunately a couple of months ago I found out I needed to find a new location to run my Katherine clinic…well never fear – I have found my new space for 2018.

The first Katherine clinic on 12th & 13th January 2018, I will be operating out of the Chiropractic Health Care Centre, Katherine. Found on the corner of Warburton  & First Streets.

Thank you to Dr Joseph Isac, Dr David Knight & Kylie Marshall for welcoming me into your clinic.

So please refer any friends & family who live in Katherine, & are looking for Naturopathic support!

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A BIG Thank you!!!

What an amazing day!!

Loved the opportunity to meet sooo many like minded people…to spread the word on holistic healing & how we can use it in everyday life. To create rituals.

I held a draw for a FREE Reflexology/Flower Essence Consult for new people signing up to my newsletter – & the winner is…..

Sandy B!!!

Please call me on 0411 378 997 to book your session at a time that suits you best!!

Thank you to Tammy & Lynda for putting together such an amazing concept & opportunity. I look forward to next SPIRITember….

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Welcome to 2017….the year of new beginnings!!

Have you realised that 2017 all adds up to 1…..



Have you looked into how/what you’d like to fulfil your life this year???

This year is full of possibilities for me….& YOU!

Take a look at what you LOVE in life & how you can embrace it more…..then put it into ACTION!

Focus & manifest your dreams into reality…..yes, seriously this is possible – I do it often for many situations from filling a void in bookings to deciding on which path to take in business.

This year Dee & I have on offer a 3 Wishes Retreat 24-26th February at tranquil Riyala in Noonamah. A back to basics retreat which embraces nature, healthy food, meditation, pamper treats & most importantly RNR….downtime for YOU! Come along to our FREE Info Session next Wednesday to find out more.

I will also be joining forces with Louise from Healthy Eating Australia to run more Healthy Eating Workshops…..stay tuned for dates in next couple of months!!  😉

Working with Jodie from Vet-2-Pet has been amazing to see your furbabies come back to health. I’ve been using liquid herbs, nutrients & diet to see those tails wagging happily again. I look forward to broadening our exposure to help as many furbabies as we can. Love my pups!!

My Organic Herbal Teas are now available online…..as this is new for me – I’m sure there may be a couple of hiccups but please bear with me….you’ll LOVE your organic herbal teas blended with LOVE!!

I also have new version of online bookings for your appointments…..so you can still find a day & time that suits you best….but it has some added features for me which will make my life a little easier!  😉

I have also been invited to join an amazing team of like minded souls to present to you SPIRITember …September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month – & this will be Australia wide event. The aim is to bring spirituality & holistic health into everyday living. Stay tuned for more info soon….a big thank you to Tammy from Tammy’s Tarot & Healing for inviting me to join her in this adventure.

Embrace ALL that YOU want in 2017!!!

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Time to Reflect……What a Year!!!

I don’t know about you…..but it’s been a BIG year for me ?!

We took the plunge & purchased a new home to house Everlasting Health…..to give me a serene space for workshops & clients…& to be able to welcome your pets to my clinic as well!

For the last few months I’ve been working with Jodie from Vet2Pet helping cats & dogs with their health concerns. I love the positive feedback…..as do their fur-baby parents. I have also just completed an ‘Energy Healing for Animal’ course, which I will be using in clinic to assist your pets health too.   😉

Katherine township has opened its arms to me….& I’ve been able to run a monthly clinic which has been received well by locals as there isn’t a naturopath in town. Thank you to Katherine Laser & Chiropractic Clinic for sharing their rooms with me.

I’ve presented some fantastic workshops with beautiful & talented women – Louise Ranger (Healthy Eating Australia) & Dee Waterson (Ignite Yourself). I look forward to more of these in 2017…..I hope to bring more of these to Katherine next year as well!

I have attended many events this year from Yoga to Baby & Workplace expos – spreading the word of complementary medicine & the joy of organic herbal teas. 

I will also have a shop online for my organic herbal teas…..so if you’d like to purchase some & have them delivered to your door….they will be available online in January!

Thank you for your support this year….& allowing me to assist you on your journey towards Everlasting Health – the natural choice for you & your family….& now YOUR PETS!  K x

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Festive Season Clinic Hours

This year I will be closing the clinic from 22nd December – 3rd January 2017. 

If you require an appointment, please book online for when clinic opens in 2017.

My next Katherine Clinic will be 13th & 14th January – please contact me directly to organise an appointment time as places are filling quickly.

Please enjoy your time with family & friends this Festive Season….stay safe, & I look forward to seeing you in 2017!!

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Holiday Time!!!

My wonderful husband is turning the big 5…0 – on AFL grand final day & his team is playing – so we are off on holidays to spend time with family. The clinic will be closed from 29th September till 9th October….back at work on Monday 10th October.

Please feel free to book an appointment online for my return.

And if you’re sharing the school holidays with the kids….enjoy a little Flower Essence Meditation to let the ‘old’ flow out & the’new’ roll on it……   🙂



When the bindings of my own mind

trapped the flow of joy,

you opened me up

to the freedom of seeing

the potential of happiness

in every opportunity.

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What a BUSY Month?!!!

Wow…..the start of the new financial year has me flat out!

Since my last newsletter I loved working with a holistic vet in Perth – the genuine love from the dogs was amazing!!! I’ve recently connected with a lovely holistic vet in Darwin who does house-calls & acupuncture, & is interested in referring to me for herbs. I think I’m heading in the right direction for what I’ve wanted for awhile!!! 😉

I’m really loving working from my beautiful clinic….seeing so many of my clients relax & enjoy the space is lovely too. I also love it when I receive an email or call to say they are feeling amazing & actually don’t need to come in at the moment because everything is back on track. That shows to me how positive natural health can truly heal body, mind & soul….

Louise from Healthy Eating Australia & I held a Healthy Snacks workshop at her place last weekend – I’ve already heard those who attended have been trying out the new recipes!! We have some great new plans for our next round of Healthy Eating Workshops in a couple of months!!


The “LOVE Yourself Tea Party” was a huge success…..with a line up already for our next Tea Party!! It was fabulous to have a ‘full house’ here enjoying each others company…..learning to look within…..being open to new experiences. I loved the energy that Dee from Ignite Yourself created with her dance moves!!!

Katherine clinic continues to be a success with new clients each month….& ‘old’ clients feeling much better from a few simple lifestyle changes & herbs. And I LOVE the drive down there….beautiful countryside.

This week I’m taking a couple of days off….hubby has the week off….& it’s my birthday, so I’m taking a couple of days off to spend with him! Also….I will be in Broome for  the week from 8th – 13th August. Visiting a gorgeous friend back were we all met (myself, hubby & her)….sharing our birthdays. Unfortunately hubby will be home working & looking after our pups….but I thank him sooo much for the ticket to fly!! X

Thank you for taking the shift towards Everlasting Health  🙂

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My New Clinic Opening!!

Come & check it out for an Opening Evening on Monday 9th May from 5-7pm….love to see you there!!


My new clinic is in a serene, harmonious environment with nature. I’m sure you will love “the vibe” like I do!! I’m putting together the last finishing touches now.

There’s a separate waiting room which I hope to run small workshops from, my consult  room & a deck for you to enjoy Reflexology in the coming Dry season.


8 Sibbald Crescent Woodroffe, which is the “top end” of Sibbald Crescent off Emery Ave.

Parking is available on the verge or roadside.

Appointments by bookings only…..please book on Facebook, website or give me a call!!

I look forward to sharing my new lovely space with YOU soon!!


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Gluten Sensitivity???

Gluten Sensitivity is a condition that involves a degree of
gluten intolerance without the presence of immune markers
associated with Coeliac Disease. This is one reason why I personally don’t like always doing clinical tests – & it doesn’t cost you anything! The link below is about ‘gold standard’ research which simply eliminated & then rechallenged to food….the reaction is evident.


The treatment approach is similar & the removal of gluten often results in clinical improvement &
symptom relief. After a period of avoidance, small amounts of
gluten-containing foods may be well tolerated.

So as I always say….balance & moderation is the key.

Oats do not contain gluten as such, however they contain
a similar prolamine (protein) to gluten called avenin, which
may elicit a response similar to gluten intolerance/sensitivity
in some individuals. In addition, oats are often processed
near other gluten-containing grains which may result in cross
contamination. For these reasons, Coeliac Australia does not
recommend oats as part of a gluten free diet- especially if you have coeliac disease. I suggest again…try it for yourself to see how you personally react.

Helpful Hints for Eating Gluten Free
• Read all food labels carefully.
• The Australian Food Standards Code requires that foods labeled
as ‘gluten free’ must not contain any detectable gluten. Food labeled
as ‘low gluten’ must contain less than 0.02% gluten.
• Lactose intolerance commonly accompanies Coeliac Disease. The removal of dairy products may be necessary as part of your treatment.
• Avoid cross contamination in the kitchen by developing gluten-free kitchen habits, storage plans and procedures for mixing, cooking & baking.
• Gluten-free breads taste better toasted & should be stored in the
fridge or freezer.
• When eating out select food without crumbing, ‘creaming’, coatings, gravies & sauces. Most restaurants now have gluten free options – if you’re unsure, call ahead to confirm.
• Obtain your fibre from brown rice, buckwheat, unpeeled potatoes,
fresh & dried beans & legumes, fresh fruit & vegetables. REAL food.
• Nutritional deficiencies are common, particularly of iron, zinc,
vitamins B2, folate & B12. To address nutritional deficiencies your may be prescribe a multinutritional formulation.
• Avoid skipping meals, eat slowly & chew all food thoroughly. Enjoy your food!
• Plan your meals & carry snacks with you so you are prepared for
all situations.

Eating Gluten Free is sooo much easier than 5yrs ago – it just takes a little planning. Remember – just because it’s gluten-free it doesn’t mean it’s healthy….the healthy choice is still yours.  😉


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