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My Passion…. X

My passion…..Flower Essences.

Nature continually amazes me with her beauty & ability to heal on many levels. I have been using Flower Essences for over 15yrs with clients, & I always experience pure joy each time someone has a consult with me. To see how the Flower Essences they choose ‘speak to them’….exactly how their feeling & where they need that extra support. Great to help emotional struggles & stresses….& work so well with kids too!!

Rabbit Orchid

The unmasking of the soul,

to be true to yourself, honest & open.

I am what I am,

a traveler walking through Life.

All the riches of my being

are there for all to see.


If you’d like an appointment to experience how Flower Essences can support YOU…..call me on 0411 378 997 or book here!

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Have you heard of Golden Paste????

I LOVE turmeric!!!

I have been using Golden Paste on my fur babies for about the last 3 years…..& they just enjoy it in their dinner each night. My Rotti “Jax”, had occasionally walked like she’s in a bit of pain in her back legs & I really wanted to nip it in the bud before she had real problems. So I started her on the Golden Paste daily…..along with fish oils to ease the inflammation & reduce any pain.

And I truly believe it works. Not only does it help with pain & inflammation….but turmeric also helps the immune system & supports the liver – plus is a fantastic antioxidant. Both of my pups coats are amazing….& they just keep going from strength to strength.


  • 1/2C organic turmeric powder
  • 1C water (extra if needed)
  • 1/3C oil (try coconut, extra virgin olive, or flax/linseed oil)
  • 2-3tsp black pepper (freshly ground)
  • 10-20g organic Ceylon Cinnamon (optional to help reduce dogs urine smelling like “cat pee”)


  1. Bring the turmeric & water to a boil, then lower the heat & simmer until you have a thick paste. This should take about 7-10 minutes & you may need to add additional water along the way.
  2. Add the freshly ground pepper & oil at the end of cooking, when the turmeric & water mixture has cooled down to just warm. Add in the cinnamon if desired. Stir well to incorporate the oil & allow to cool.

    The Golden Paste will keep for 2 weeks, refrigerated.

    Freeze a portion if you think you have too much to use within two weeks. You can find small 1/4-1/2tsp molds to use for this if you prefer.

     Add it to your pet’s dinner plate or your horse feed … run wild! You can even use for Golden Milk, Smoothies, stir into Yogurt, add to your dinner plate as a condiment… it’s just as good for you too!

Recipe from Doug English (Australian holistic vet & world leader in treating animals with turmeric powder) http://turmericlife.com.au/turmeric-recipes-golden-paste/




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Herbs for Your Furry Friends

For the last year I’ve been working with Jodie from Vet 2 Pet – she is a Holistic Vet who uses acupuncture, speciality physio to aid rehab, & nutrition. For the last year we have also been working together using herbal medicine to help your furry friends.

Our beautiful pup Zoe

Just like you….herbs can be used to help many of their ailments. I concoct a herbal tincture which can be added to their food, or use tablet or powder form if preferred – for a range of ailments.

But you can easily use fresh/dried herbs in their food too for some simple relief:

Chamomile: a bitter & relieves spasms – great for digestion;  is anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial (great as an infusion/tea to wash wounds); plus calms the nervous system.

Lavender: mood elevator & calming; antibacterial; gentle pain reliever & anti-itch (soak flowers in warm water & use as a body rinse).

Slippery Elm Powder: soothes, protects & reduces inflammation of the digestive tract (great to add 1/4tsp per 10kg dog to food) – think diarrhoea or constipation. Plus it’s nutritious with Vit A, B’s, C & K,  & calcium, magnesium & sodium.

If you’d like some help with your furry friend….give me a call & I’ll see how I can support them too!!

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Where’s YOUR Inner Quiet???

The beauty of Flower Essences is they work on the vibrational level between mind & matter…rising up to produce Qi (Energy). They can help us to shift our thought pattern & how we respond to a situation….they simply energise the “mind stuff” to activate a new & healing thought form.

“As we think….so we become.”

I have a number of children currently taking Flower Essences to support them in various circumstances….commonly related to various behaviours at school. I love to see the joy their family express when it seems like no-one understands…but the flowers seem to be able to explain – & then support the positive shift beautifully.

Of late….I’ve been finding my “Inner Quiet”….Rose Cone Flower.

At peace amongst the bustle

slow amidst the rush,

thoughts rise & fall

on my inner lake

within always a hush.

If you’d like a individualised Flower Essence experience….book online or call me to discuss how this may support you.  🙂

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Welcome to 2017….the year of new beginnings!!

Have you realised that 2017 all adds up to 1…..



Have you looked into how/what you’d like to fulfil your life this year???

This year is full of possibilities for me….& YOU!

Take a look at what you LOVE in life & how you can embrace it more…..then put it into ACTION!

Focus & manifest your dreams into reality…..yes, seriously this is possible – I do it often for many situations from filling a void in bookings to deciding on which path to take in business.

This year Dee & I have on offer a 3 Wishes Retreat 24-26th February at tranquil Riyala in Noonamah. A back to basics retreat which embraces nature, healthy food, meditation, pamper treats & most importantly RNR….downtime for YOU! Come along to our FREE Info Session next Wednesday to find out more.

I will also be joining forces with Louise from Healthy Eating Australia to run more Healthy Eating Workshops…..stay tuned for dates in next couple of months!!  😉

Working with Jodie from Vet-2-Pet has been amazing to see your furbabies come back to health. I’ve been using liquid herbs, nutrients & diet to see those tails wagging happily again. I look forward to broadening our exposure to help as many furbabies as we can. Love my pups!!

My Organic Herbal Teas are now available online…..as this is new for me – I’m sure there may be a couple of hiccups but please bear with me….you’ll LOVE your organic herbal teas blended with LOVE!!

I also have new version of online bookings for your appointments…..so you can still find a day & time that suits you best….but it has some added features for me which will make my life a little easier!  😉

I have also been invited to join an amazing team of like minded souls to present to you SPIRITember …September is Spirituality & Holistic Health Awareness Month – & this will be Australia wide event. The aim is to bring spirituality & holistic health into everyday living. Stay tuned for more info soon….a big thank you to Tammy from Tammy’s Tarot & Healing for inviting me to join her in this adventure.

Embrace ALL that YOU want in 2017!!!

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Time to Reflect……What a Year!!!

I don’t know about you…..but it’s been a BIG year for me ?!

We took the plunge & purchased a new home to house Everlasting Health…..to give me a serene space for workshops & clients…& to be able to welcome your pets to my clinic as well!

For the last few months I’ve been working with Jodie from Vet2Pet helping cats & dogs with their health concerns. I love the positive feedback…..as do their fur-baby parents. I have also just completed an ‘Energy Healing for Animal’ course, which I will be using in clinic to assist your pets health too.   😉

Katherine township has opened its arms to me….& I’ve been able to run a monthly clinic which has been received well by locals as there isn’t a naturopath in town. Thank you to Katherine Laser & Chiropractic Clinic for sharing their rooms with me.

I’ve presented some fantastic workshops with beautiful & talented women – Louise Ranger (Healthy Eating Australia) & Dee Waterson (Ignite Yourself). I look forward to more of these in 2017…..I hope to bring more of these to Katherine next year as well!

I have attended many events this year from Yoga to Baby & Workplace expos – spreading the word of complementary medicine & the joy of organic herbal teas. 

I will also have a shop online for my organic herbal teas…..so if you’d like to purchase some & have them delivered to your door….they will be available online in January!

Thank you for your support this year….& allowing me to assist you on your journey towards Everlasting Health – the natural choice for you & your family….& now YOUR PETS!  K x

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Yummy Simple Healthy Doggy Treats!

If you don’t know already….I have completed my studies in Animal Nutrition & have been working alongside Jodie from Vet 2 Pet – a holistic vet who uses acupuncture too!!

She sends me through a prescription for one of her four legged friends, & we discuss the case & then I make up a herbal tonic for them to help heal their ailments.

Well here’s a little something you can try at home for your doggy fur babies, & it will help their doggy breath!  😉

Yoghurt & herb treats  🙂
  • Grab a 500g tub of plain Natural Greek Yoghurt – goat & sheep best (make sure their are NO added sugars or xylitol added – poisonous for dogs).
  • To a mini processor or just use a knife, chop up a handful of parsley & mint.
  • Simply stir through the yoghurt then dispense into  ice trays & freeze.
  • Treat your fur baby when you like!


Zoe loves it & so do I – doggy breath gone!!!

Your four legged friend will love these healthy treats full of probiotics & herbs good for their gut, & consequently their skin too….

Hey, even the kids can eat them if they like!!!  🙂

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What are your Fur Babies Having for Dinner???

Just like us…..our four legged friends need good nutrition to keep their bodies healthy.  Their bodies will be healthier & happier for longer on REAL wholefoods.

Just think about a tin of dog food…..mushed up ‘meat’ & maybe a few random veggies…..day in day out it doesn’t really do much for their teeth or their digestive tract. Have you looked at their poop lately???

There has been lots of research into foods for your pets optimum health….just like us, all are individuals.  Most holistic vets love homemade meals for pets….just ensure there’s a mix of foods to provide a good range of minerals. There are plenty of resources out their to guide you as to what suits your pets.

A great resource for natural pet foods.
A great resource for natural pet foods.

Our dogs do get ‘takeaway’ as I call it, occasionally…..it’s in my cyclone kit, but I choose a grain-free & organic variety, with no additives or fillers added. Mine are fed mostly chicken necks/beef offcuts, a little offal, brown rice & lentils with mixed veggies or pulp from my juicer. Sometimes I get some roo meat for them….& they love it. Throw in some medium sized bones a couple times a week to clean their teeth…..not the large weight bearing bones from cows, as these can actually be quiet tough on their tooth enamel.

I add a couple of teaspoons of turmeric powder & black pepper, & pour fish oil over their dinner…..& they love it every night! Just like us…..I add herbal tonics for worming them…..or for any ailments they might have. It honestly doesn’t take much effort to feed our fur babies a healthier diet….I know I want them to live a long & healthy life….so I want to do the best I can for them too.

Zoe & Jax...my furry friends.
Zoe & Jax…my furry friends.

Everlasting Health….the natural choice for you & your family….including your pets!

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Reconnect with YOUR Desires….

Whenever I feel like I’m travelling off my path…I take a moment to refocus & think about what it is I truly want to achieve; how I want to feel; & how I wish to get there…..then I turn to Flower Essences to support my goals.


I find it amazing that the Flower Essences I choose to support me during these times, are truly those at the core of my problem.  My clients too are amazed by the essences they choose – often looking at my quizzically as I explain their meanings to them…like, how did I know???  It brings a smile to my face – especially when I don’t know what their actual concerns are when they are choosing them……

How could they choose such Flower Essences???

How did I know that was how they were feeling???

Now watch as your path becomes clearer as YOU reconect with desires, inner strengths, & balancing Qi. It’s wonderful to reflect on where you have been, & see how close you have grown to where you want to be.

Ask me today about I can assist you in reconnecting with YOUR true desires…to overcome obstacles which may be in YOUR way.

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A Wish to One & All……

A Wish….

To all my clients & readers –

Thank You for your support & allowing me

to share in your journeys of health & happiness……

I wish you a Merry Christmas & a Fabulous New Year!!!!

I hope your festive time is filled with love, happiness, friends & family….

Remember to embrace the fun times & the achievements you’ve made throughout 2014.

Think about all you want to achieve in 2015….& call me to help you towards being your best next year.

Clinic will be open from

6th January 2015.

Travel safely &

see you in 2015!!!!

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